Chatsworth/Porter Ranch

Mountain Biking Trails

This is a partly shady trail along Aliso creek. It starts on Rinaldi street and heads north into the hills. Palisades Trail connects halfway up the canyon. At the nortnern end of the canyon, additional trails lead east towards Omelveny Park.
Trailhead: The southern entrance is on Rinaldi Street west of Zelzah Ave. Pallisades Trail from Reseda provides access. And an entrance is located on the end of Sesnon Blvd east of Reseda Blvd.

This is a series of dirt roads climbing the ridges east of Browns Canyon. It takes you into the foothill area that is still undeveloped.
Trailhead: This road system starts on the lower portion of Browns Canyon Road. Look for dirt roads (no motor vehicles) before the road reaches the creek.

LIMEKILN TRAIL- Length: 4.5 kilometers.
This is a trail that follows an old road along Limekiln Creek. South of the 118 freeway the trail is paved, although there are sections where the pavement is paralleled with a dirt trail. This section is sunny. North of the 118 freeway to Sesnon Boulevard the trail is dirt with sections of old pavement. North of Sesnon Boulevard it is a pure dirt trail that never was paved. The trail was apparently built with horses in mind. Several other trails intersect with this one including Moonshine Trail, Aliso Canyon Trail, and Mission Trail.
Trailhead: Trailheads are on Sesnon Boulevard at Tampa Ave; Hollow Springs Drive west of Tampa Ave; Rinaldi Street west of Tampa Ave; and Chatsworth Street west of Tampa Ave.

This trail branches off of Limekiln Trail at Sesnon Boulevard. It curves around Horse Flats staying at the base of the hills. Near the western end of this curve a dirt road branches off of Moonshine Canyon trail and leads west up the hill. Moonshine Canyon Trail continues as a fence lined horse trail back to Sesnon Boulevard.
Trailhead: Sesnon Boulevard just west of Tampa Ave.

This is a sunny trail following the side of a small ridge with good views of San Fernando Valley. It connects Limekiln Trail to Aliso Canyon Trail
Trailhead: Tampa Ave between Wilbur Ave and Braemore Road. And Reseda Blvd south of Braemore Road.

This is an unfinished portion of Sesnon Road. This trail goes west from Sesnon Boulevard in Granada Hills to Sesnon Boulevard in Porter Ranch. It provides access to the trail in Aliso Canyon and also the Orcutt Lease Trail.
Trailhead: This trail goes west on the level grade, starting on the western end of Sesnon Blvd in Granada Hills.

Neighboring Areas

O'Melveny Park

Newhall Pass

Rocky Peak

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