Hiking and Equestrian Trails

This mountain is bordered by Big Tujunga Canyon on the west and the Arroyo Seco Canyon on the east and the foothill cities on the south. There are a variety of dirt roads, trails and routes through this area.

A beautiful trail on what is an overgrown old dirt road. The trail is overgrown to the point of having a tunnel appearance. The upper end starts from Grizzly Flat Road and the trail curves around the mountain to cross Clear Creak at the lower end.

A steep trail that runs up a ridge below Mount Lukens from Big Tujunga. The trail is unmarked, but starts on Big Tujunga Canyon Road, crosses Sunset Trail and then starts climbing a drainage towards the ridge. The trail is steep but well used and in good shape. When it reaches the ridge line, the popular route is a short spur north to a cross.
Trailhead: There are two unmarked trailheads along Big Tujunga Canyon Road before the road enters the canyon proper. Alternative, take Alpine Way off of Mount Gleason Ave to the end. There is an entrance to Sunset trail here. Take Sunset Trail north and look for a good trail up a drainage.

DARK CANYON TRAIL - Elevation Change: 1390 ft.
This foot trail works its way up from Big Tujunga Creek to the forest covered Grizzly Flat. This section is more shady than not. Above Grizzly Flat it continues as a Forest Service road up to the Mount Lukens Ridge Road. It continues down the east side of the ridge initially as a road to an experimental forest and then a trail down to the Angeles Crest Highway.
Trailhead: Big Tujunga Canyon. Angeles Crest Highway.

A short trail up Dunsmore Conyon in the City of Glendale Deukmejian Wilderness Park. There is a loop trail off of this trail. And the Rim of the Valley Trail connects into the loop trail.
Trailhead: The northern end of Dunsmore Ave leads into Deukmejian Wilderness Park.

GOULD CANYON TRAIL - Elevation Change: 700 ft.
This is a horse trail through La Canada Flintridge. The upper portion of the trail follows the Gould Canyon drainage. The lower portion of the trail winds its way through quiet neighborhoods. This trail connects with the Arroyo Seco Trail on the southern end and the La Canada Trail on the northern end.
Trailhead: The southern trailhead is on Foothill Boulevard at Oak Grove Park. The northern trailhead is on North Harter Lane, north of the Angeles Crest Highway. There are also access points on Green Lane, Canon de Paraiso Lane, Crown Ave, and Stardust Road.

A forest service road that connects Mount Lukens Road to the Angeles Crest Highway. Dark Canyon trail and Clear Creek Trail also connect to Grizzly Flat Road.
Trailhead: The trailhead is on the Angeles Crest Highway near the CCC Ridge. It is the first dirt road on the left above the Forest Service Fire station.

HAINES CANYON TRAIL - Elevation Change: 1400 ft.
This is a nice quiet trail approaching the Mount Lukens ridgeline via Haines Canyon. You will get enveloped in the canyon and loose sense of any city being nearby. There is a junction near the top of the canyon taking the separate trails to separate saddles on the ridgeline. A ridgeline trail connects them allowing a small loop to be made. If you are heading to Stone Canyon or Mount Lukens the right hand trail is the more direct route. And a short jaunt up the steep ridgeline quickly connects you with the Stone Canyon Trail. A right turn on Stone Canyon Trail will take you to Mount Lukens. Going down the Mount Lukens Road will make a large loop.
Trailhead: This trail starts as a dirt road off of the Mount Lukens Road. This is the second road to the left along Mount Lukens Road from the Haines Canyon Trailhead. Mount Lukens Road climbs to the ridgeline at this point and the road leading to Haines Canyon Trail stays in the canyon. The road passes an area used for beekeeping and quickly reduces to a foot path. The junction with Stone Canyon Trail is unsigned.

LA CANADA TRAIL - Elevation Change: 1000 ft.
This is a forest service road based trail that skirts along the edge of the Angeles Crest Mountains.
Trailhead: The eastern trailhead is on the Angeles Crest Highway at the entrance to the National Forest. The southwestern trailhead is on Foothill Boulevard by Indiana Ave. Another trailhead is on North Hartner Lane.

MOUNT LUKENS ROAD - Elevation Change: 3000 ft.
A forest service road that climbs up to the top of Mount Lukens and crosses over to the other side. From the west, the road climbs steadily for 3,000 feet elevation gain. Several trails connect to this road making many variations of trips possible.
Trailhead: The western trailhead is located at the northern end of Haines Canyon Road in Tujunga. Follow the main road up. Two other lesser used roads leave on the left side, the first is Sunset Trail and the second is Haines Canyon Trail

A steep trail going from Dunsmore Canyon in the City of Glendale Deukmejian Wilderness Park up a ridge to the Mount Lukens Road. The trail has steps in one section and a short 30-foot long landslide which is still passable.
Trailhead: The northern end of Dunsmore Ave leads into Deukmejian Wilderness Park.

STONE CANYON TRAIL - Elevation Change: 3060 ft.
This trail climbs up the north side of Mount Lukens starting in Stone Canyon. It presents good views of Big Tujunga Canyon. The trail joins Forest Service Roads just shy of the top of the mountain.

This is a relatively flat forest service road along the bottom of Mount Lukens. It runs from Big Tujunga to a juvenile prison camp on Big Tujunga Canyon Road. A half mile before the juvenile camp is a foot path connecting to Big Tujunga Canyon Road allowing a through trip without passing through the juvenile camp. The road has a good view west over Tujunga, Sunland, and parts of San Fernando Valley.
Trailhead: The trailhead starts at the end of Haines Canyon Road. This is the beginning of the Mount Lukens Road. A short distance in the road, another road cuts off sharply to the left, this is the Sunset Trail Road. The other trailhead is unmarked but is a quarter mile south of the camp on Big Tujunga Canyon Road.